Home on the range

Marco is Guy’s friend. Marco has the number of pistols, shotguns, automatic rifles, machine guns and bullets that Guy would have if he had the money. I met the two lead pumpers at the rifle range today. I helped Marco carry in a box of his guns. I spent a lovely hour of charming and witty conversation with Beretta, Smith and Wesson, Glock, Remington, and the pea-shooter like sound of a silenced machine gun in the next lane. My tutors marvelled at the machine gun. The owner let them have a go. Lead was flying thick and fast. Fast because of Marco’s insistence on “very explosive powders” in his bullets. Thick when we unleashed a single huge metal slug from the shotgun rather than the normal lead pellets. That thing blew huge holes in the target.

The pair got to chatting to the machine gun guy. As I listened to their banter for about an hour, it transpired that they were all incredibly knowledgeable about three things. The first was guns and bullets. The second was the letter of the law in various states as it pertained to being allowed to carry weapons, and whether or not you can blow away a potential thief in daylight. The third was loopholes in the law, and whether getting a licence in one state allowed you to transport guns on your person on an indefinite basis in another state.

They talked in detail about various bans – the dates of manufacture of machine guns that made them legal to own, and the parts of a weapon that could be replaced and still allow you to carry it under the same licence. They dealt in arms – buy an Uzi at 2850 dollars when a ban was coming into effect, and sell it for 4000 dollars a year later. They all had strong opinions about living in various states, and the right to bear arms – but only Guy moved to Texas specifically to have more guns on his person all the time.

My favourite Guy quote of the evening has to be, “This is what’s going to keep us safe in our home. Here’s Mr. Beretta.”

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