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Sweet forward momentum

In my own personal tradition of “train easy, fight hard”, I have agreed to race Carl Lewis in around two weeks time. I started training today, after running away from my apartment when it had no water or electricity. I don’t plan on training much, so the actual race on March 6th might be quite challenging for me. But I will win. Carl Lewis? Past-it, has-been multiple olympic medal winning runner. Me? In my prime, a dark horse who has refrained from entering international competition thus far. Lewis? Very dangerous over short distances. Me? Not very dangerous over short distances. But I don’t have to cart around as much bulky muscle as Lewis does. This is why I have challenged him to a race, in front of all of Austin, Texas.

I managed to run 4km today before getting bored (threatening to expire) I’m saving myself for March 6th. Throw yourself into the road Lewis, you don’t stand a chance.

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