Transcendental Budget Travel

You’ve probably seen those emaciated deeply tanned westerners hanging around beaches with dreadlocks, with all of their possessions in a small woven bag and thought, “How do those wasters survive?”

I figured it out. Drinking only water yesterday (1 Euro), staying in the ropiest flea ridden room in town (13 Euro) and doing not much in the way of entertainment apart from sitting, reading, playing solitaire and sending emails (10 Euro), I had my first day under the budget suggested for a scumbag at the front of the Lonely Planet.

Today, I’m feeling rather lethargic due to lack of victuals, so haven’t even managed to spend much on email (though I have already beaten Solitaire twice on my iPod – a game I never thought I would play). If I keep this up for the requisite 40 days in somewhere sunny (Jesus managed it at my age and he had a beard too), I’ll probably reach enlightenment, incineration, and emaciation, and end up sitting on a beach with a macrame haversack. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

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  2. Ron Malibu

    Bizarrely I decide to see what happened the last time I remembered doing a water fast. I know what ended up happening – I went to Austin, got married and all that jazz.

    This time I started on 10th September. 15 years later. Jesus I started this blog a long while ago.

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