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Dreams of Pineapple Head Baseball – Being Fleeced at the Border

And I wish I had a baseball bat so that I could play fruit baseball with General Noriega’s head. It might be worth the fine to push him into the sea next time I see him. On my fourth crossing of the bowel shaking waves between Malysia and Indonesia, I managed to scrape past Noriega. He originally fleeced me for about 200 US Dollars, but his colleague, who appeared to have less stars on his epaulette than Noriega, made him give me most of the money back. Not much English language was involved, but lots of pointing at people who my passport was now okay with ensued. Noriega was not happy with this, and took to his normal stance of ignoring me.

Every cloud has a silver lining; I got to watch ‘Rush Hour 2’ in Chinese on the ferry for a third time, and felt another boat smashing itself to pieces on waves it wasn’t designed for.

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