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Tawau – facts for the visitor

Tawau – facts for the visitor. Spent a bit of time with Joe discussing the possible options for travelling about. In an effort to avoid getting drunk and waking up in expensive hotels because the hostel you are staying in has a curfew, we have set a budget for each day. And being sick as dogs, we decided sitting eating a picnic by the sea was an inexpensive way of waiting for a bus.

It wasn’t long before we were joined by a friendly Malaysian. He too had a plastic bag and picnic, so we had a nice party. He was sniffing glue and grunting, we were trying to figure out what to do over the coming weeks. Our failsafe plan of copying the best things that anyone else was doing was actually failing, after most of the people we knew had tootled off to England. Our expedition leader is having his marriage ceremony in a few days, for which his wife’s family have been brewing rice-wine for months. There will be lots of late night drinking, and old ladies drinking us under the table. Joe and I were rejoicing at the prospect, as the glue-head helped himself to our hotdogs. We eventually outran him – he was a big man, but he was out of shape – and stumbled back to nerdland on the way to a cafe. Hopefully they’ll be watching the wrestling. They like that.

Best advice of the week: “Give em two black eyes, the panda loving c*nts” – Raz on hearing that I was in a bar with some WWF folk, who have caused the WWF to rename themselves as the WWE.

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