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And just when you are about to conclude that Japanese people are shy, you`re minding your own business in a bar, and then some crazy chick comes and introduces herself. English not being her strong point, she seems to be doing more talking than listening. In a bar situation, this is quite new to me. But I listen, and slowly introduce the art of Pictionary for bridging the language gap. A few themes were strong in her conversation before she ran back to her “mother”; the first was “State. Utah. Salt Lake City.” Okay. Japanese people give addresses in most significant place first. second was “Olympic”. third was “figure skating”. fourth was “Reiko Saito and gold medal”.

So after an escape worse than ice-skating, I look up her up on the internet. And lo and behold, it seems the barmans pronouncement that she wsa crazy seems to hold water. Mind you, he was talking about collective consciousness and the power of writing, and the only principle he had was to answer all questions from the heart, so perhaps I shouldn`t have doubted him in the first place….

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