Why are all taxi drivers allergic to first gear? Is there some kind of special training they have given by a clutch vendor?

Songkran facts for the visitor:

  • Its Thai New Year

  • Thais throw water at everyone. Some sort of blessing thing.

  • Water pistols are okay. Buckets are okay.

  • Iced water lobbed at farangs in the 35 C streets is good.

  • Drinking booze is essential

  • Not drinking filthy water is hard

  • Driving around the streets for 3 days in pickup trucks driven by pissed people, with 10 other pissed people on the back and a barrel is normal

  • There were 140+ deaths on Saturday due to festivities. This is not uncommon. Smashed cars all over. Motorcycles with families of 4 and 3 water pistols and a driver who is smoking. Wiped out. Is normal

  • Krabi has a sprinkle dance. It involves lots of drinking, dancing, and a fire engine. And me.

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