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Onion Donuts

Random street purchase of the day: Something resembling a pastie, turning out to be an onion donut.

Strangest thought of the day: Has anyone noticed that Hollywood Hulk Hogan is also a Triple-H? (Good to see that Rock beat Hogan and that turkey Jericho has been ousted from the top by the real Triple-H

Most shocking thing of the day: Static electricity from the bearded man who takes your coat at the restaurant I take my ‘business lunch’ each day. Business lunches in Russia are where you get 4 courses for about 3 quid at nice restaurants. And unlimited use of the toilet. Which can be handy.

The thing about toilets over here, is that you can never tell whether they’ll be a hole in the ground outside, or a luxury compartment. and then there’s the toilets on the long train journeys. They are thoughtfully locked at stations, and when passing through large built up areas. Which can mean uncomfortable leg crossing after a day of beering it up.

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